Nuestro equipo

SAYME cuenta con un equipo humano que destaca por su compromiso, experiencia, capacidad técnica y profesionalidad

Alfonso Murat

Founder & President

Alfonso is an idealistic and determined business creator. His entrepreneur spirit led him to start developing new IT solutions 20 years ago in response to the unmet needs he detected in his clients. Always on continuous evolution, and focused on the technology market, he has been involved in different entrepreneurship projects. As founder and president of the company, he evangelizes with the vision and contributes defining the technology of the future.

Marta Alonso


Marta Alonso, Telecommunications and Computer Science Engineer, and MBA, has been linked to the project since its beginning, developing different roles both in technical and management areas, and contributing with her knowledge and experience to face the challenges the company entailed along the different stages. As CEO, she executes the vision and distributes it throughout the value chain in order to ensure the end game.

Juan Corro

VP Strategy & Business Development

Juan Corro, Telecommunications Engineer and VP of Strategy and Business Development at SAYME. Former Academic Director in the Engineering School at U-tad, The Digital University Centre, Head of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, President of the Technical Standardisation Committee (CTN 178) for Smart Cities in AENOR and member of the National Cybersecurity Council.

David Fernández


David is a software engineer with more than 20 years of experience in technology development, as CTO David helps SAYME to make ideas become products. In his years of experience, David has developed all kind of solutions, from Virtual Campus services to nuclear power plant SCADA systems. His role in the company covers from ``the crazy ideas factory`` to the ``hard to solve but not impossible`` problems.

Manuel Menchaca


Manuel M, Telecommunications Engineer and COO at SAYME. He is a technological enthusiast with a broad background in the development and manufacture of IoT devices. As COO, my goals are developing business operations, analysis of the ecosystem (partners and competitors), overseeing day-to-day operations and establishing policies that boost company culture and vision.

Juanma Fernández

Solution Manager

Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Cantabria. My professional career is associated with the IoT world, developing real solutions for Smarts Cities and Industry 4.0.

Javier Saiz

Head of production & Quality Control

Industrial and Electronic engineer, I'm the Head of production and Quality Control at SAYME. My goal is producing the vanguard of IoT.

Carlos J. Huidobro

Support Manager

Carlos J. Huidobro has a degree in Computer Science. During his 15 years of experience he has worked in every phase of software creation, the knowledge that has allowed him to focus his career towards technical support.

El ADN de SAYME junto con el sólido conocimiento y la extensa experiencia del equipo humano que la compone, hacen posible innovar y crear soluciones tecnológicas que ayuden, de forma eficiente, a resolver los restos de la necesaria transformación digital que ya se está empezando a producir en las ciudades y en la industria

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