Standard and interoperable smart solutions to improve operational efficiency, save energy and avoid failure

  • SAYME offers SENSbee, its proprietary powerful Wireless Sensor Network technology platform, to create solutions that are:
    • easily customized to address all kind of challenges
    • robust, versatile and highly scalable
    • complete hardware and software package
    • readly integrable with any existing systems

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  • Off-the-shelf solutions for multiple sectors:
    • energy and maintenance efficiency in street lighting
    • optimisation of waste collection
    • location and tracking of assets and people
    • monitoring environmental and pollution variables and smart control of systems (i.e. irrigation)
    • long term monitoring of buildings and structures

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SENSdumpsteris the complete solution by SAYME for real time monitoring of waste level in dumpsters to optimize collection routes and achieve savings up to 50% in collection costs..

SENSlighting by SAYME is the first fully ZigBee certified solution for smart street lighting management.