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SAYME creates and manufactures wireless sensors technology to offer industrial, interoperable, secure solutions with the best cost-benefit of the market.

Key Points

Sensor-based (Hardware)

Solutions based in sensor technology.

Low Cost

Low cost, low power consumption (battery-powered)


Compatible with wireless communications technologies: LoRa, Sigfox, ZigBee, NB-IoT, GPRS,…


Cloud accessible (API and full front-end) full vertical configurable dashboards.

Proprietary technology

Designed and developed 100% by the company: from the electronics designs to the enclosures, to the firmware and software at the different layers


Proven with major players in the market in actual production deployments of thousands of devices.


Sensing the fill level in a dumpster enables a leap forward in waste collection management. SAYME’s solution is the widest rolled out.

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Activity, people and asset tracking; Cold chain monitoring. IoT solutions to address the industrial and logistics challenges in the digital age.

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IoT Buttons enable low friction interaction between companies and customers increasing loyalty and customer’s satisfaction.

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